Our products

At Konaxx Onions we think high quality is extremely important. That’s why we speak of the highest quality when it comes to our products. As our name suggests, we are specialized in onions. And in addition, we also trade other different types of vegetables, all of which are locally produced and traded internationally.


As mentioned earlier, we at Konaxx Onions are specialized in onions. Not only in yellow onions, but in red onions as well. We attach high value to good quality! That is one of the reasons why we stand behind our products every day.

We are working with a loyal group of local growers. The onions are mainly grown in the Northern part of the Netherlands, the reason behind this is because the soil mainly consists of clay. And clay soil is simply well suited for onion cultivation.

At Konaxx Onions we have our own sorting process. We make sure that the onions are sorted by size. We ensure that the onions are in a good condition. For example, quality control is done by machines, but certainly by humans as well, just for that extra bit of security. As soon as the onions have been approved, they are weighed and placed in bags. This process is also fully automated.

Ultimately, we are working towards the point that the onions can be transported to all our (international) customers. Annually Konaxx Onions are trading about 25.000 tons of onions.

This is made possible by the close co-operation with our local growers. We have grown to be professionals in the field of onions.

Recently we also launched a new product on the market, called the Blue Eyes Label onions.

We always aim to achieve the best quality, of course we measure this by the means of our customers. But we also like to see things from the perspective of an onion, because;

“Blue eyes you can trust”

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Worldwide, Potatoes are the most important food crop after rice, wheat, and maize. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the potato is also seen as a meal carrier. And for that reason, a lot of potatoes are also traded by us, in addition to our Konaxx onions. There are various types of potatoes, which are grown by our own local growers.


There are different types of cabbage. These different varieties have been cultivated and prepared in the Netherlands and Belgium for hundreds of years. Cabbage also is a popular winter vegetable and is eaten worldwide. All these different types of cabbage are grown by our loyal local growers on our northern soil.


The carrot starts to grow quite early in the season. The carrots are also grown in the north and we refer to them as our local products. The carrot is best known for its beautiful external color. As a result, the orange carrots are known abroad as ‘Dutch carrots’

Our process

Before the onions reach the customer, another process precedes it. This starts the moment we get the onions delivered from the local growers. The onions are placed in our warehouse. After this, they are cleaned and sorted by size. After the onions have been checked, they are packed in bags. These bags of onions, are organized piled up and eventually loaded into the truck. From now on, they are ready for delivery to the customer.

Products from Konaxx

At Konaxx we are happy to serve all customers, national and international, as well as possible. Among other things that is why we are very flexible regarding to the quantities of products that we can deliver.
In addition to onions, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage, Konaxx can supply you even with more products. Feel free to ask about the other options!