Konaxx Onions has been active since 2000 and located in Sint Jacobiparochie in the north of the Netherlands. Our specialty onions. We sort, pack and export only the best quality onions. Other products we sell are potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, celeriac and leeks. With our young and enthusiastic team, we sort, pack and transport over 25,000 tons of onions every year! The packages vary from 500 gram up to 25 kg bags. This makes us flexible for all kinds of orders.
If you have any questions about Konaxx, our products or our Team, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

Tjerk Nagel


My name is Tjerk Nagel and I have an agricultural origin. My affinity for the onion industry stems from my family. Since my younger years I have been a very passionate onion trader, processor and I enjoy working in several areas of this profession. That counts for growing, trading, and packaging. Our goal is to export Frisian onions worldwide in a responsible manner.

Teresa Diekstra

Purchase and sales, planning & adminitstration

I am mainly busy with sales and purchasing, which also involves contact with the buyers. In addition, I take care of the transport planning and ensure that all documentation is in order.

Ulbe Geertsma


As a foreman, I ensure that everything runs smoothly on the work floor. I put the entire process into operation, manage the staff and take care of the planning on the work floor.

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